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Summer Had No Choice: We're Taking It With Us!

by Susie Hatton |  | 1 comment

As our favorite season ends, Kimmie and I find ourselves having that all too familiar conversation, “where did the summer go?”. Once again, it has come and gone.  At Chocolate Sun, we are really in our element during the warm months….beach walks with the dogs, salty skin and hair, lush green everywhere and of course, our favorite sunless tan for a glowing body.


We have been reflecting on the work we accomplished, trips we took, the concerts we saw, and time spent with family and friends. Some of our fondest memories are made with warm days walking the beaches, hiking with our pups, paddle boarding with our besties and spending time in the garden. You get the idea!  So we ask ourselves, how can we enjoy all the seasons and what they offer while keeping the relaxed mood and healthy vibes that come from an active and fun filled summer?


Summer just seems to bring out the best in everyone. So much of that has to do with being active, more health conscious, and being inspired by sunny days that turn into magical summer nights. 


How can we all take a little bit of that summer feeling with us throughout the changing seasons that follow?


Keep Your Dewy, Glowing Summer Skin By Adding A Zesty Twist to Your Tanning Routine


This past year, we enhanced our Sunless Tanning Cream scent options to include a Sweet Orange aroma for precisely this reason. In addition to our traditional Cocoa scent, we wanted an option that could provide a mood boosting, citrus-fresh aroma to use year-round as well to give us that endless summer feeling.


Picture this: you're applying your sunless tanning cream and you're greeted with a burst of zesty goodness. It's like a mini vacation to a tropical paradise, right in the comfort of your own home! The Sweet Orange aroma adds a delightful twist to your tanning routine, making it a truly enjoyable experience. It's like a little pick-me-up in a bottle!


One of the best things about our Sweet Orange-scented Sunless Tanning Cream is that it's perfect for any season. Whether it's the middle of winter or the height of summer, you can enjoy the uplifting aroma of Sweet Orange all year round. It's like having a slice of sunshine whenever you need it! Get ready to indulge in a mood-boosting, citrus-fresh adventure that will leave you feeling fabulous, year-round!


We hope this inspires you to continue your glow this fall and winter and always feel free to reach out to use with any questions, inspiration or for application tips and tricks on IG @thechocolatesun


Xo- Susie + Kimmie

Comments (1)

  • Michael Backman on April 29, 2024

    Well hello Susie and Kimmie!! It’s been a very longtime – hard to believe your company started back in your garage on Appleton – congratulations on your success!! Just wanted to say hello- hope you’re doing well ✌🏻

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