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Do you need to exfoliate before applying sunless tan?

by Susie Hatton |

As summer is nearing its end, don’t let your tan fade away with the season. Now is the perfect time to start extending your tan’s life and enhancing your existing glow with our sunless tanners. But wait- let’s exfoliate! It’s the pre-tan step that is often by-passed but oh-so important for you to achieve healthy skin with a perfectly flawless color.


Why is exfoliating important before I self tan?

Exfoliation is the process of shedding the top layers of dead skin cells from the skin, unclogging pores, and removing any built-up dryness or flaky skin. The result is a smooth, soft and healthy layer of new skin ready to absorb further treatments, such as a body lotion, body oil or….sunless tanner! Exfoliating can be done either chemically, usually for face care with acids such as glycolic or natural fruit acids, but also more traditionally for body care, with a manual exfoliant using sugar or salt. The coarseness of the sugar or salt slough away the dead skin in an instant and your freshly exfoliated skin will now absorb its next treatment better, leading to a more radiant tan.

Our skin-transforming Body Scrubs with Sea-Salt +Turbinado Sugar combined with natural extracts will take your complexion from drab to fab in no time flat! Give yourself the royal treatment and turn up the glow factor - your skin will thank you!




Our Chocolate Sun pre-tan exfoliating tips:

  • Skin must be exfoliated everywhere you plan to apply sunless tanner, clean, dry and free of all other products.
  • Be sure to give extra attention to very rough or dry spots such as knees and elbows when exfoliating – these areas tend to take a little extra work and will be the first to show unevenness of your tan if left rough.
  • Don’t over exfoliate. No more than twice per week.


Don’t forgot to hydrate skin!

Our products are meant to be a treatment for your skin first and the skin color enhancing is the added benefit! Therefore, our sunless tanners also act as a post-exfoliating hydrating treatment. Be sure to maintain in the days following and help your summer tan last longer by moisturizing daily post-tan.

Any questions about exfoliating or application? Drop us a comment below, email us at or send us a DM on IG @thechocolatesun. We love to hear from you!


Xo- Susie

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