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Which Product To Choose?

Botanical Sunless Tanning Products - which one is best for you?

Face Gels - Our sunless gel was formulated specifically for the face.  It is made with botanicals and herbs chosen for their soothing effect on delicate facial skin.  It delivers an instant glow that continues to develop throughout the day to give your face that just back from vacation fresh vibrance.  Because of the aloe-base, it will feel cool to the skin when applied and you may experience a temporary tightening effect as it drys.  Best for normal to oily skin.  Available in 2 shades.
Products:  Cocoa Illume Lite 1 (fair to medium) and Cocoa Illume 2 (medium to dark)

Tanning Atomizers - Often referred to as our "Pro on the Go," this is a tan in a can that you spray on!  If you want an instant sunkissed glow, or require additional bronzing on your shoulders, chest, and legs after using our tanning creams, this product is for you! Think of it as a quick radiant highlight.  Available in 3 shades.
Products: Cocoa Fleur 1 (light), Cocoa Fleur 2  (medium) and Cocoa Fleur 3 (darkest)

Tanning Creams - For face and body.  This applies like any other tanning lotion would.  You can apply this before bed and let it develop while you sleep.  You will wake up with the perfect splash of color after just one use.  Available in 3 shades.
Products: Cocoa Lite 2 (fair to medium), Cocoa Glow 3 (medium to dark) and Absolute Sun 3 (dark)
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