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H20 GLOW Medium - Sunless Tanning Mist - Face + Body - Natural Scent
H20 GLOW Medium - Sunless Tanning Mist - Face + Body - Natural Scent

H20 GLOW Medium
Sunless Tanning Mist
Face + Body
Natural Scent



Achieve that professional, tanned glow with ease! Our H20 GLOW Medium Sunless Tanning Mist is perfect for medium skin tones - no need to spend hours baking in the sun, just one even mist is all you need to get your beautiful summer glow. Packed with beneficial botanicals and antioxidants creating a blissful, natural scent. Exfoliate to prep skin and get ready to naturally bronze with this 87% organic formula containing Eco-Certified DHA (derived from Sugar Beets), organically grown plant botanicals and essential oils.

How to Use


Skin must be exfoliated, clean, dry and free of all other products. Prior to application, prepare 3 wash clothes (2 dry, 1 moist), a blow dryer and a towel to stand on. Cover surrounding areas with towel to protect from overspray. The atomizer is water soluble, which means you can wipe it off of surfaces or materials. We suggest a dry shower, bathtub or a clear space of around 2-4 feet for application.


Stay approximately 3-4 inches away from the area you are applying. Use broad circular motion or zig zag motions across each area of application and always keep atomizer in motion. Be sure to overlap stroke of application preventing missed areas. Remember you can always reapply to deepen the color, it is best to start slow until you become proficient with the application.


  • PREP: Shake product vigorously to begin. Start by applying a light coat of moisturizer to the top of your hand and feet. Rub moisturizer in evenly. Remember areas between fingers and toes as well as the sides of hands, palms feet and heals of feet.
  • LEGS: Product should be applied starting at your ankles. Work one leg at a time, front and back of calve then front thigh and back of thigh and onto buttocks. Remember you are saving feet for last. Remember to spray product up and onto buttocks while working on the back of the legs. It is ok to blend spray up and onto lower back.
  • BACK: Continue applying product onto lower back, working your way up to the midsection of your back. Next you will work product onto your upper back. This may require some extra reaching, contorting, or assistance. You can lean forward from the waste, putting your head down and begin spraying towards your lower back, slowing from left to right. The Atomizers are under pressure and the spray will project easily.
  • STOMACH: Continue by applying product onto the stomach. Remember to spray/wrap product around the sides of your body blending into the application done on the back.
  • CHEST: Apply to breast and chest area blending onto the neck, and over the tops of the shoulders until you have blended into the application done on the upper back.
  • SHOULDERS AND ARMS: Starting at the top of the front of the shoulder, apply product in a back and forth zig zag motion, working downward onto the front of arm until you reach the wrist. Next apply a much lighter coat of product to the inside of arms. Remembering that "distance is your friend”. You want to have the Atomizer approximately 8-10 inches from the inside of your arm. This part of the arm should never be as dark as the outer part of the arm. You should be careful to blend lightly around the armpit region. Do not apply directly on the armpit.
  • FEET: Apply lightly, but thoroughly, to the tops of the feet blending onto the ankle, where the application began. Helpful hint: The feet tend to tan easily. Remembering that “less is more”.
  • FACE: When applying to face, neck and décolleté the application should have a distance of 6-8 inches from the area you are tanning. Pay close attention to blending from face, neck to décolleté. Be sure to blend into hairline, to avoid a line of demarcation. If you have extremely light hair, avoid getting product into hair. Wear a hair cap if necessary. Blend product from the top of your forehead down to the neck. Apply product in a back and forth zig zag motion. Be deliberate in your application to ensure you get full coverage.
  • HANDS: Finally, apply lightly, but thoroughly, to the tops of hands, blending onto wrists. Helpful hint: The hands tend to tan easily. You may want to mix your favorite moisturizer in equal parts, with the Chocolate Sun treatment. This will dilute the product enough to achieve a natural looking tan. Now that you have successfully finished your application to your hands, you will need to utilize your prepared damp cloth to thoroughly wipe the palms of your hands and inside of your fingers.


Roll a small soft hand towel and using the smooth side of the rolled towel, very lightly sweep over outer edges of armpits, wrists, ankles, hands, feet and the inside of arms. This will help blend application. It is best to wear loose fitting, dark clothing, while product develops. Your skin must remain dry for 6-8 hours. Be especially careful to not submerge hands in water if it is necessary to wash them before development time is complete. It is best to wipe palms of hands only with damp cloth.




Proprietary Blend of botanical and herbs

Organic Carmel Color

  • pH-balanced Distilled Water (Aqua)
  • ECOCERT DHA Derived from Sugar Beets (Dihydroxyacetone)
  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe Barbadensis)
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oleo Europea)
  • Organic Glycerin (Derived from Vegetables)
  • Organic Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus)
  • Organic Caramel Color (Derived from Sugar)
  • Proprietary Blend of Organic, Wild Crafted and Natural Botanicals and Herbs
  • 92% Organic Ingredients
  • Water not included in calculations

All Chocolate Sun organic ingredients come from certified growers. All additional ingredients are either ECO-Certified, wildcrafted and or 100% natural. All formulas use vegan friendly ingredients. Tested only on humans.



Cruelty Free