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Skin Cancer Awareness

by Susie Hatton |

This month is Melanoma and Skin Cancer awareness month, and at Chocolate Sun, we want to make sure your skin looks and feels as great as it does after spending time in the sun. We can help you accomplish this without the very harmful effects and damage that come with exposure to UV rays. UV rays from the sun or tanning beds, are damaging to the integrity of your skin. They are also aging, and most importantly, dangerous and cancer causing. Skin cancer is preventable when taking steps to practice sun safety, including wearing SPF daily, staying in the shade and most importantly using natural sunless tanning products instead of spending time in the sun or tanning beds.


Did you know?

The Skin Cancer Foundation states, specifically regarding tanning beds: “Tanning not only increases your risk of developing a melanoma— it also increases your risk of developing other types of skin cancer. A single session causes a 67 percent increased risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and a 29 percent increased risk of developing basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Just one indoor tanning session before the age of 35 increases a person’s risk of melanoma by 75%.”


Use skin-safe sunless tanning instead:

chocolate sun self tanning

Do yourself a huge favor and give your skin a safe “just back from the beach” glow perfectly matched to your unique skin tone. You can choose from one of several options from our Chocolate Sun Collection from super hydrating Tanning Creams, to our quick drying Mists or Gel!

Chocolate Sun is much more than a “spray tan".  In fact, we never use dirty words like “spray tan” (haha!), simply because we are a skin perfecting treatment. We have formulated our products to correct, protect and enhance your skin. Our formulas look natural on all skin tones and work with your body chemistry, to create a perfected, healthy glow or a deep dark “just back from vacation tan”!

We know, you might be hesitant of the reputation "spray tans" have gotten over the years…giving you an orange and unnatural look. That is why we perfected the art of formulation and sunless tanning by creating our own recipes.  We opened  the very first sunless tanning studios where we were able to launch our formulas and become the leaders in our industry.

Our product collection will deliver uniform, professional results in the comfort of your home.  All of our formulas are made with:

  • Flowers + herbs
  • Sugar + salts
  • Essential oils + natural preservatives

We are using an Eco-Certified DHA (Dihydroxyacetone- Derived from Sugar Beets) and all other ingredients are either organically grown or wild crafted.

And of course, we are vegan friendly…We test only on humans :-)

We look forward to being a part of your natural beauty journey!


Our Natural Tanning Creams and Tanning Mists are each available in three shades:

    1. ABSOLUTE Dark Sunless Tanning Cream or Tanning Mist: best for those with medium to dark skin tones 

    2. GLOW Medium Sunless Tanning Cream or Tanning Mist: best for those with medium skin tones

    3. ENHANCE Light Sunless Tanning Cream or Tanning Mist-  best for those with fair skin, or those looking to extend the life of their tan


      Prefer a light-weight gel?

      Try our ILLUMINATE Medium to Dark Tanning Gel:

      Made specifically for those who prefer a faster drying application with a quicker developing color. Created in a base of Aloe Vera and blended with our proprietary mix of botanicals and herbs all chosen for their soothing effect.


      Our Pro Tip:

      Always exfoliate the skin prior to using a tanning cream or tanning mist- this ensures that your sunless tanner can be absorbed evenly, for a very natural look.



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